Deck and Gazebo in Port Perry


We had many challenges on this job and we found solutions as space and the project required. Here are some of them:

  1. Proper and exact positioning of the concrete footings of the Gazebo.
  2. Placing the posts for the base structure (Skeleton) for the 2 story Gazebo 6x6x16 Foot long cedar post.
  3. To position the posts on the same distance of each other to form an exact octagon all the way from bottom to top.
  4. This was crucial step to ensure structural strength and stability for the Gazebo, that is connected to the Deck.
  5.  The 2 story gazebo’s lower level was closed with cultured stones to avoid any movement and instability adding extra strength to the whole structure to prevent breaking the glass on the windows and the door.
Gazebo-Port Perry Ontario Built By SKL Group


We take pride on anything that we build, especially for designing and building this Gazebo and Deck in Port Perry, ON. The whole design of this project was by SKL Group.

From many offered designs from competition, our customer chooses our design because of the combination, design, useful space and structural sound of the given project.

At the end, of the project finish, we delivered the job on time and  expectations on our client telling us:


From the time that project was completed to the present day, David & Sharon had nothing but being grateful, expressing their enjoyment of having a beautiful 3 season Gazebo and beautiful Deck.

They have many compliments from their guests over and over.

Thank you, Luke … They say.


Gazebo-Port Perry Ontario Built By SKL Group 2014


Client: David & Sharon Mc. Neil
Location: Port Perry, ON
Surface Area: 80 m2
Completed: 2014
Value: $80.000
Architect: Luke Simonovski
Floor of the Gazebo By SKL Group in Port Perry Ontario


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